Clay Pot Irrigation Knowledge Hub

This Knowledge Hub offers a comprehensive compilation of the existing scientific and practical knowledge about clay pot irrigation. Clay pot irrigation is used in agriculture, horticulture, afforestation and vegetable gardening. Due to its water use efficiency it is especially valuable in arid and semi-arid regions.

The Hub is provided by the Amatek Institute and currently under development. Step by step new scientific studies and field projects will be added, outlined, reviewed and discussed.

It is possible to look for studies specifically in terms of country, crop types and individual research parameters, e.g., yield, costs, soil characteristics, clay pot characteristics, weather … In addition it is possible to look for individual search terms by using the search box in the top menu.

The Hub will also provide two extensive bibliographies: the first one is a Bibliography of Studies introduced and reviewed in this Blog. The other is an Extensive Bibliography including publications that were not accessible for a review.

This scientific knowledge hub is listed under the ISSN 2702-1599.

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Amatek Clay Pot Irrigation Knowledge Hub