I am an archaeologist (M.A.) and ancient historian (PhD) with two main research focuses: Ancient technologies in modern contexts, e.g. development aid and green architecture, and ancient magic and ritual practice.

In my PhD I compiled and analysed the making and use of about 300 ancient inscribed magical artefacts based on the descriptions preserved in ritual manuals dating between the first and the seventh century CE. As a postdoc I worked on a new translation of the bilingual London-Leiden Great Magical Papyrus and spent three years compiling and analysing artefacts depicting so-called “charakteres” or ancient magic signs.

Next to my research in ancient magic I started to look for ways to make archaeology more beneficial for the public. I came across a handful or articles about reinstated ancient technologies in contexts of climate change adaptation strategies, got captivated by these amazing possibilities, and founded the Amatek Institute – Ancient Technologies in Modern Contexts.